Charizard Collecting

Hey guys!

I decided to be a Charizard collector. PSA 10 versions only. Where can I Find q list of all the Charizard cards (Also if they come in 1st Edition or not), and where can I but then?

eBay has a very very limited supply of Charizard cards. 80% of them are in japanese as well.

Where do you other Charizard collectors go for your cards? I figured I’d start small and work my way up. So this information would help a ton! Thanks again!

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Here’s a good place to start

There are some niche zards that are more limited that youll prob want but you may as well start with the set cards
Sometimes people here are willing to part with their 10s for the right price. Is there something specific you’re looking for? What do you own so far?

I’m also just beginning to collect Charizard so maybe we can help each other out. I’m going to add to this album as I buy and continue to organize by year/release so you can use it as a visual reference as well

Welcome to E4!

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Thank you! How do I know which cards are niche?

Also where should I buy them from? eBay seems to not have much of a selection.

The non-set cards are more niche. Such as Staff Charizard, Pre release, Topsun (greenback, blueback, no number, prism, Bandai Carddass, gum prism, no rarity, and some of the very limited promos. The bulbapedia link i gave you lists out all of the set cards. You can look anywhere from E4 WTB to facebook market place, letgo, mercari, craigslist, local brick and mortors, instagram and everything inbetween. If you’re only wanting to purchase psa10’s you’re a little more limited. Sometimes its worth it to buy stuff that looks mint and send it in for grading. Especially since a lot of charizard psa10 populations are very low.

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Oh ok thanks! I’m guessing the niche cards are super expensive?

Also, I’ll check those places out. It’s hard because I don’t want to purchase a card and have it graded just to be a 9 /:

Set cards are expensive too.

A combination of ebay, facebook and forums are your best bet for picking up a lot of this stuff.

The odds of you buying raw copies of the more desirable Zards and grading them as 9s is also quite low. Most people with good, mint cards are going to grade them themselves.

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It’s a gamble, but it can be fun and you can also make a nice profit which can fund some of your collecting goals. You will sometimes hit a jackpot and score a 10, or get a 9 you can sell at profit.
There’s honestly cards I just wouldn’t pay the fat premium for… Shadowless comes to mind where you can probably buy a mint card for $1000 rather than pay $10k+ for a 10. It’s up to you though. If you have a fat $50k+ budget and you want to buy all the 10s out there you shouldn’t have that much trouble finding most of the Charizards you’re after. Best of luck to you. :blush:

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you can sell the 9s if they grade as 9’s. You aren’t just stuck with them forever :grin:

Oh crap. How do I grade it myself? I’m pretty new to this whole thing. All I really know is that I want to collect gem mint cards.

So I’m a little behind.

you would submit the cards to PSA directly if you want to pay for a membership or you could submit it to someone on E4 like smpratte for like $10 and they’d grade it with their next round of submissions.

Thanks man! As I buy I’ll keep you updated as well. I’m looking to start a Charizard set tonight. Not sure which card I’ll start with. Still deciding. Then have to find a seller.

Oh alright cool! I’ma dive into this then! I’ll look for non graded cards as well (:

If you create a PSA account you can keep track of your cards there and check them off the list as you go. I believe that’s only English Charizards though.

I hope you understand how ambitious this is too. If you aren’t willing to drop $50-100k on Pokémon cards, I recommend making a shortlist of the Charizards you want most or settling for a few in lower grades. If you plan on pacing the goal out over years I recommend buying the most expensive ones first.

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what pkm said. If you ONLY want psa10, be aware that shadowless 1st ed base alone is like 25k, shadowless over 10k, gold star 4.5k, 2.6k for a skyridge, etc etc

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That’s cool, I intend to keep this hobby for a long time. I don’t mind if I never finish either before I die.

I actually like that it’ll be hard to obtain (: