Charizard Pokeball

Got this for my desk at work a few weeks ago and though some of you might appreciate it.


Yeah I seen this guy before, pretty badass stuff… I think I might get a gengar one for my office… It can sit besides my Mario mushroom vacuum cleaner.

He doesn’t list or advertise them cause his work infringes on copywriter laws. They are cool looking but am a little hesitant supporting any criminal activity:(

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It is no different than someone drawing a photo of Mario and selling it. Painting a photo of Yoshi and selling it. Knitting a scarf with Link on it? It’s a custom made item… I don’t think Anime Conventions would allow all those artists to do stuff like that if it was illegal.

Well. If you are making a profit off the use of a Copyrighted Image or Likeness without express permission from the Copyright holder than yes, it is technically illegal and technically you could be sued for the earnings and more if Nintendo were so inclined.

The key word there is technically. Nintendo isn’t going to chase down every single person selling 1, or a few custom Charizard/Pikachu/Pokemon related custom items. And they’d only really do something about it if someone went really commercial with it or was making a substantial amount.

So again, technically illegal, but hardly a deplorable act.

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I mean there are plenty of conventions where nintendo employees go to, and they don’t bat an eyelash at any of the artist alley things?

No of course they aren’t going to do anything at a convention, or even follow up after.
Whilst they’d be well within their right to at least ask for certain amounts of profits, they are never going to put a stop to that sort of community level fandom. That sort of community only increases their future profits.

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House is right here. Infringement is infringement. Sort of like if you wrote a song others would need your permission and you’d deserve a cut of any proceeds. Or if you started making Pokemon cards, the Pokemon Company would object.