Charizard Collection! #006

Post your Zard Collection here!

To complete My Charizard Collection I need:

Shining Charizard [x]

Blaine’s Charizard [x]

20th Anniversary Charizard EX [x]

and im hoping that in the near future there will be a Full Art Mega Charizard X or Y! Fingers crossed.


M Charizard Y [x]


Nice group. Good luck in your search…

Thanks NZG! Send in your Charizard Collection people I would love to see them!

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Here’s mine, I didn’t intentionally start a Charizard collection but ended up with enough to call it one!


Haha I’m right there with you. I think charizard collections just “happen” :laughing:


Great collection, I would love to get my hands on one of those shining charizards. I’m in the same boat, I bought the graded Charizard last year and after that everything blew out of proportion! Since last year now I’m looking at…

127/151 Pokémon cards From the Kanto PokéDex Base,Jungle, and Fossil in a toploader binder.

470/720 Pokémon cards from the National PokéDex from later expansions all the way up to roaring skies in a separate binder(this one is THICK!)

all the promo cards sealed

and a box full of multiples that I now need a bigger box for.

unopened theme boxes and booster packs

and I have OCD so not only are the cards all mint, but even the toploaders they are in are all mint! I simply can’t stop!

my latest buy is a Rayquaza EX Theme Box. Which I refuse to open haha

but my current goal is buying a sealed Booster box with the Mitsuhiro A. Charizard artwork on it. Even though Ken Sugimori all around artwork would be nice! And yes I’m not openng it lol.


My steadily increasing zard collection :blush:


You guys are making me overwhelmed with all these shinning charizards :thinking:?
BUT! Nonetheless freaking awesome! I’m praying to Arceus that my Mega Charizards Get Gem Mint 10’s even though I doubt it because these XY expansions all came with crudely cut corners which ticks me off…any of you guys notice that as well?

Love charizard collections…especially my own;)


Charizard is a beast…

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Yours isnt even fair… Lol

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Your welcome LOL

XD you’re contributions are greatly appreciated


Nice lot of charizard cards!

All of these pictures put mine to shame! >.< very jelly!

Yes… There was a discussion on one of the threads the other day about it… I can’t find where though…

It is common knowledge, and frustration around here that the B/W and X/Y English Sets have extremely sub-par production quality. It’s a constant annoyance for anybody who collects new English stuff, even if they don’t intend to grade.

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Definitely,as soon as I opened a booster pack it hit me right in the face with such force that I didn’t even want to go through the cards at one point. ALTHOUGH I did manage to get one card out of thousands in Gem Mint condition which took me directly to paradise, MEGA CHARIZARD X Attachment Deleted

Ummmm I believe I had a hand in this as well

:rage: :rage: :rage:

Yes yes of course :grin:

Just missing English XY12 Zards!

Fell free to post your collection of N°.006!

Reviving this thread because it’s awesome.