Charizard Burns All Of My Money! -WIP- (21 Oct 2014)

Hello UPCCC, my name is Danny and I focus primarily on Charizard cards!

-Work In Progress-



Wow that’s alotta lizardon. I think the most I’ve ever seen in one place!

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xD this is nothing compared to Wheat’s collection! I’m slowly moving towards the foreign area but I did complete the english/japanese charizards.

If someone has/knows a charizard card I am missing from the english/japanese sets PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

This is unreal! Nice work on this collection. Must be worth a fortune. I just started collecting again… I see you don’t have the Chinese Base Set Charizard - so I win.

Only joking, that’s an amazing collection.

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:grin: Thanks!! I have the unlimited chinese base one but 1st ed seems to be absolutely nowhere!!! :confused:

I have two of them coming in, but someone else has called shotgun on the trade, if it happens.

I will keep a look out for you. I’m in China, so chances are I can get more of these if I keep digging!

Wah! PLEASE DO! I hope you can land your hands on atleast one more!!! xD

I’m very impressed by your collection, hopefully my Charizard collection can get there some day!

The guy I bought my graded chinese base set card has graded Italian, Korean, Japanese base set charizards up. His username is rjreeher23

:grin: Im pretty sure it will!! Let me know if you want a charizard checklist, it helped me out tons lol

Thats who i deal with for the foreign ones as well!! xD haha small ebay world!

Absolutely! That’d be awesome!

Sorry for the late reply! But here it is :blush:

Anyone else who wants it can get it too. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or any cards I am missing. I am aware of the 2 mega jumbos that just recently came out xD too lazy to update it right now :blush: Thanks!


Charizard TCG.xlsx (71.07 KB)

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