CGC now grading 11 more card games

What are you guys gonna send?


I am waiting for them to grade Bicycle playing cards.

I wish they’d do the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards!

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No clue what I’m sending but I know I’m getting back all 8.5s


Interesting. I don’t collect from any other card games besides Pokemon but it’s nice to see other hobbies getting grading and authentication support.

9.5 centering
9.5 edges
9.5 corners
7.5 surface

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The invincible card from WoW gave me a good chuckle.

I’ll probably submit some Weiss cards of Darkness in the future just for fun.

Enjoyed the little paragraphs they give about each card game, although I wish instead of 11 they did a few games since they’re already backed up with Pokemon and whatever person is submitting Magic to them.

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I have sent them a messaged in regards to if they are recognising Wave 1 Final Fantasy Opus.
Will be very disappointed if they aren’t

Can confirm they are NOT doing Japanese Super Dragon Ball Heroes, they are only doing English Dragonball Super.

I hope they’ll grade Japanese FF & WS.

Gonna try sending in my Force of Will cards now.

Know why?


They don’t grade yugioh. SDBH uses same card size (although a little thicker than yugioh.) Probably just don’t have a different size slab than the standard card size.

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“CGC Trading Cards will also be grading Nostalgix cards when the game is released. Already being hyped for outstanding card artwork, Nostalgix is scheduled to have a Kickstarter launch before the end of 2021.”

Announcing card grading for a card game before it has even released. Interesting strategy…

I’m pretty excited about Harry Potter. I’ve held back my Harry Potter cards for sometime now. The intent was always to send these to another company. Beckett is too expensive per card and CGC is closer to the right price point with clean cases. Hopefully there’s a price/bulk special for these categories.


Makes sense, thank you sir!

Hot damn! I’ll be sending in my Delita 3 088L from Opus 3! One of my favorite cards in existence from any TCG.

Nice of them to offer to check if they are Wave 1 variants before I even send the cards, I don’t need the verification but it’s excellent news that they are going to grade the variant correctly.

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Looks like they are about to get my money.