Carousers and Seducers

After our holiday parties a thought came to mind.

  1. Which Pokemon would be most likely to need a ride home after a wild party?

  2. Which Pokemon would be likely to ‘get the girl’?

My picks:

  1. Mr. Mime
  2. Dark Charizard

Lol hmmm

  1. Wobuffet or psyduck
  2. Coballion
  1. Sudowoodo
  2. Snorlax

(this one):

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  1. Muk or Grimer – They’re already slimy enough as is, I’d imagine if they got drunk they’d be less likely to travel or else risk falling into a sewage drain if they were to pass out in someone’s yard.

  2. As for this one… Hmm… I’m actually going to have say Gardevoir. Reason being, they’re probably one of the few Pokemon to look “attractive”, and I think they might be able to seduce any gender. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can i change mine to weepinbel?