Cards? They are history!

Are you kidding me?


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WTF! hahaha

Holy guacamole… gotta love how irrational prices are in the collectibles market


Btw it look’s like there’re more error Amiibo figures than the normal ones, really.

Thanks Ebay, but I really wanted that LEGLESS one u_u lol

Yep, a legless Peach is now on par with a Pikachu Illustrator…smh

No fecking way,I thought it was someone trying to sell it for that then noticed it was sold,mental:$

I seriously question the authenticity of ~95% of those bids.



It may be hardly comprehensible but then again don’t we spend incredible amounts of cash on pieces of cardboard too?


The bid history on that lot is fishy as hell. Definitely calling bogus.

I wonder if there is any merit to the items rarity?

We’ll probably get a pretty decent idea of actual rarity based on how many pour onto eBay following that faked auction.

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True, quite true.

Interesting… but I think it’s BS, given the bidding history also.

It looks like they aren’t really hard to find…