Carddass Misty Wedding Dress

Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember this card having a shiny/prism/sparkles variant.
I saw one someone was selling, but remember reading somewhere on here that many fakes were made “prism” that were actually never released that way by pokemon.
Looked for a long time and can’t find anything in this card, thinking it’s a fake.

yes its fake there is no prism variant of this card.

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Thank you.
Have a lot to learn about Carddass sets still, so I appreciate your help.

This is the forum guide it will give you the most information I’ve come across

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I was looking for this, just under all the wrong topics. Guess it being under “articles, guides, resources” was too easy for me.

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I remember a seller from Japan had listed the card about 6 months ago, with a title containing “Misty Wedding Dress” in PSA 10 and it sold within hours.

It’s funny because Misty isn’t wearing a wedding dress at all, and is dressed as a magician’s assistant for a magic show (Ep 43). Some people have continued to call it the “Misty wedding dress” card since then. I’ve also heard it referred to as the Misty fan service card.
It seems to be becoming more sought after, I guess it has something to do with the taboo nature of the card as I doubt the outfit would be released as is these days and within the context of the episode. But perhaps it is the hyperfeminine nature of the outfit in contrast to Misty’s usual tomboy appearance. Who knows?

If I recall, the original “Misty Wedding Dress” titled listing was for the PSA card below and was bought by someone on this forum, whom appears to have since removed their post (or at least I couldn’t see it).


@rainbowgx, haha, I remember the buyer(?) bought it for his father because(?) he really liked Misty.

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I have one at psa right now. Pregrades are 8/9. I’d be happy with it since I picked the card up in a lot that cost a total of $25.
The raw versions are listed over $100 now. Jumped a lot like Misty’s tears did.
There seems to be a lot of Misty collectors out there.

Reminds me of “lily pad” mew

That’s the one.

I hope you get a good grade back. I have only seen a couple of graded copies sell this year.

You mention it jumped in price like Misty’s tears but I think almost every card has increased this year lol. I had a look at the PSA pops of both. Misty’s tears has a collective pop of 1010 graded cards. The fan service/wedding dress Misty card has a total pop of 15 at the moment (1.5%), though this will undoubtedly expand over time if it gains popularity. It’s not a fair comparison by any means, but is interesting.

Yeah, the raw copies can fetch those prices although there aren’t any on ebay at the moment. These are the highest raw sales I’ve seen there recently $148, $136. Though all raw copies ive seen sold on ebay have had imperfections.
It is one to keep an eye on.

The feeling you get from the art itself?

I was the buyer… my father hasn’t left his house since…



Everyone calls the misty card wedding dress misty even though it’s not a wedding dress. Everyone calls the mew promo lily pad mew even though its on a rock, not a lilypad.

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Ah, yep. I remember the contention around that.

I do find the title of Wedding Dress Misty to be hilarious though because of both Misty’s age and what she is wearing, which looks more like something from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show than a wedding dress.

But perhaps she is just a blushing bride afterall.

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What could a PSA 10 potentially go for nowadays?

I have sent some to grade, maybe they’ll get a 10 if the centering checks out.

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No idea
There are not any on the market currently.
Would be interesting to see.

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I sold a 9 a couple months ago for around 140$, got a lot of interest at that price immediately. They’re very hard to grade with PSA, maybe CGC treats the “Bandai Edges” differently. Would be great if someone has experience grading Carddass with them.

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yeah i wouldn’t be worried about centering as much as damage to the edges since the cards are very prone to chipping. especially the prisms they bend like no other. so hard to insert them in card savers because of the flimsiness.

I estimate it goes for 2-3 hundred at least.

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True the top to bottom centering can be atrocious. But PSA may not even notice as the earlier cards are without defined borders.
As for achievable pricing it would be speculation at best to say. The 10 baccene bought ~6 months ago was $287. The Pokemon market in general has gone up since then, and it would seem that the popularity of this card has too.

But even without the theme (or whatever you want to call it) of this card, other non-holographic PSA 10s in the series have started to be cherry picked within the same range ($244, $425).

By the way, how many is some, can we expect cheap PSA 10’s?

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Hmm maybe it has a shot then. They were pretty clean.


Haha sorry just checked but I only sent two. Aside from centering which I can’t recall, I didn’t spot any other issues.