Card movement inside a PSA case

I noticed that one of my PSA graded cards moves around inside its case. It moves enough that if I move the case around I’m able to hear sounds as the card comes in contact with the sides.

This is a high value PSA 9 card (> $4000), so I’m pretty concerned about this. I don’t see any damage to the corners or sides of the card, so I think the grade is still valid. Should I just send it in to PSA to get resealed? I wonder if that’s even safe to do. Maybe the card would get damaged by bouncing around inside its case during shipment? Or maybe I’m totally overthinking this and this is a rather common occurrence in this hobby?

Most, if not all, PSA slabs do this unfortunately. I think your concern might be if it moves easily without you actually moving the slab quickly/rapidly. If it only moves around when you swing the slab around quickly or do a quick movement with it, then it’s fine.

@squirtle1000,Small amounts of movement are fine such as when you turn it upside down and such. If it swings all over then it may be a slight concern, but most cards are perfectly fine with that little bit of breathing room. As noted before here on efour, it was tested with a card inside a paint mixer and no damage occurred. As long as you do not get violent with your card it should always be perfectly fine!


I see. Yeah, it moves easily, even when I slowly rotate the slab.

I wonder if the card itself was cut a little too short? The movement is entirely up-down.

Card held right side up

Card held upside down (image rotated):

That’s very reassuring and good to know!

@squirtle1000,If the movement is ONLY up and down then I think that is more than acceptable. Most collectors have cards that do this. I have a card that moves in all directions, so it needs to be fixed, but what you have is totally fine.

They are supposed to be able to move a little bit. Notice the little fragment they put in there on the card? It is usually almost fine as a pen dot, usually 2 or 3. I believe that is so that the card isn’t making any damaging contact to the interior of the case when it moves a little.