Can these cards be graded by PSA?

I was told that PSA wouldn’t grade one of these cards, but I am not 100% sure. I would appreciate the help before I send them off to get graded.

Did you or someone else cut the corners round on the Topps Charizard?

Looks like that topps zard was trimmed all around… Not just rounded corners…

The holo looks off too… I’m no specialist on Topps cards but to me that one looks fake.

They won’t grade that Topps one, it’s a sticker right?

That might explain the holo pattern and shape.

Technically they won’t grade either, but if you label the Bandai one as the ‘97 carddass set, it’ll slip through but be mislabeled.





nope, but they will grade the action flipzz from Nintendo lol. Many people have tried to get them to grade the sealddass stuff and they won’t (they say they don’t have enough documentation of the stuff, yet me and countless others have shown them boxes, packs, vids, etc.) Been told that bgs will grade them tho.

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I believe I did see BGS grade some sticker cards. Think they are rather open on grading anything that resembles a card lol. Jokes aside, BGS I agree BGS might be the next best bet

Yes its a sticker, I was told that BGS would grade it but not PSA

Yes its a sticker

Sorry if this is a repetitive answer, but I did not cut it, its just a sticker. As other’s mentioned, I heard it was possible for Beckett to grade them. I do not modify cards, whatsoever.