Can anyone help me identify some Yu Gi Oh Cards?

I got them as part of a gift, just wondered if there was anything particularly valuable here.

Thanks guys.


You guys see anything?

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At a glance I don’t think there’s anything useful and japanese cards are hard to sell since they can’t be used in NA.
You can type the code into ebay and see if anything pops up there you have Red Eyes B. Dragon, Swordsman of Landstar, Card Destruction, Scapegoat, and Gaia the Dragon Champion that I know of.

Assuming Red Eyes B is JY-01 it’s never been sold on eBay but there is one at $8.00 on there.
And your Luminous JY-03 was sold on eBay before unsure of for how much but under $5.00 there are listings for 8.00 on there as well

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What set is Gaia (purple card with bone dragon) and Red eyes (black dragon) from?

I couldn’t tell you. Unless you’d be able to identify with clearer pics? All I know is that they are old sets. From late 90’s.

If you could take a picture of them individually I could :blush:

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Thanks :blush:

The red eyes is from the Joey starter deck - $4-5

And Gaia is from “Phantom God” - $8-10

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Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated.