Buying Japanese Growlithes, Arcanines for small collection

Hi there!

This looks like it might be a little different than what is usually posted around here, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. I’m trying to put together a collection of Japanese and English Arcanines and Growlithes. I’ve made decent progress on the English side in person and on other sites, but have stalled pretty hard on Japanese cards. Someone suggested that I try here :blush:

I’m looking for any and all Japanese Arcanines and Growlithes, NM, 1st Ed and Unlimited, all the way back to Base Set. I truly don’t know what to offer for things like Japanese commons/uncommons, so I’m hoping for a little guidance here as well!

The few I’ve managed to pick up so far are below, and apologies in advance for formatting/set names…

Growlithe (Haves):
Base Set
both Squirtle deck
1st Ed. Web
glossy vending sheet
Challenge from the Darkness
1st Ed. The Town on No Map 015 (Aquapolis)

Arcanine (Haves):
Squirtle deck
Unl. Pokemon Web
Light Arcanine
1st Ed. Bonds to the End of Time (Rising Rivals)
1st Ed. HeartGold Collection (HGSS)
1st Ed. and Unl. Hail Blizzard (Next Destinies)

My hope is that perhaps someone has some Japanese bulk and would be willing to work something out for a good number of un/commons, but I’d be open to hearing any offers. I’m not sure what my plans are for bigger-ticket items like Base Set errors or some older 1st Ed holos though I’d love any guidance on prices, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help!