Buying cards on eBay?/help starting collection

Hey ladies and gents, my question is buying Pokémon cards on eBay trustworthy? I know obviously look at reviews and what not but I would like to know your opinions and any bad stories. I’ve seen their are fake Pokémon cards on there and it worries me.
But,I was a heavy collector in my youth (1998) and I had almost every card from 1st edition- neo sets and then I stopped. When I was 15 my “friend” stole my collection (2008). Very upsetting, but anyway, fast forward it’s 2018 now and I just started collecting a few months ago. I have a daughter and she collects them too. So I’m just curious if eBay is a trustworthy place to buy them. Or if anyone could help me out with doubles/unwanted cards in any set that would be great. (: thank you

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eBay is THE place to buy them. Do your due diligence and have fun with it.


ebay is the safest place to buy them, full buyer protection - but it’s a global market with high transaction costs so prices tend to be higher

The best deals are usually negotiated privately and locally

From my own experience, i paid the most on ebay, paid slightly below market prices on efour, and bought cards as much as 30% below market when dealing locally

hope that helps!

As was stated above, do your due dilligence and buy from good sellers with solid feedback and you should be alright. It’s a wonderful marketplace.

While you’re fully protected, it can be a pain in the ass dealing with problem sellers or new people that have no idea what they’re doing or the true condition of the cards they’re selling. Save yourself the trouble if the same product is available for a few dollars more from a reputable dealer, it’s sometimes better to go that route.

Good luck with your collecting. :blush:

Ohh, by the way if you’re looking for specific cards you can post a thread in the Buy/Trade section. Just list the card names/sets and the condition or grade you’re looking for with an offer price. You will more often than not be able to get them slightly cheaper than ebay.

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Okay, thanks everyone. It’s reassuring you guys are saying it’s a pretty good place to buy them. I’ve been looking through auctions/buy it nows but only bought a few cheap things. I’m glad I found this forum, I needed a place to talk about Pokémon cards and everything that comes with collecting/buying them etc and this place is perfect. Thanks once again, very helpful. G

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I feel like ebay is the place to SELL them. I scour every independent listing I can find before begrudgingly purchase on eBay. I hate bid wars and find it’s where you’ll pay top dollar (excluding lucky finds which are few and far between). Also a good source for actual pricing.

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There are listings everyday selling for under market value. Mostly poorly timed auctions or large lots of a big variety of things at either BIN OBO from someone who needs to move it quick or again at auction. There are deals to be had all day every day on eBay. Just need to find them.

There is great opportunity to sell though too for a patient seller. Just throw a lot of things up there for BIN and maybe add BO if you want. When that buyer comes along that “needs” it you will get a sale and if you are the only listing or cheapest listing at the time you will often get above market value.

Basically haste makes waste. As in a waste of money. Need money fast and need to unload? You are going to get less. That is when you want to be ready with cash and be the buyer. “Need” a card immediately? Expect to pay a premium over if you were able to be patient and find the right deal (doesn’t apply so much to certain hard to finds as they only come up rarely and you need to be ready to pounce).

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eBay wheeler and dealer here!

  • Just make sure you look at the sellers feedback (read the reviews so you know what to expect).

  • Scan over every photo, title and description carefully.

  • And finally pay attention to shipping costs.

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Thanks for mentioning this poken00b88. I’m new to efour and I’ve not yet posted a buy thread. Now that I know how it works I will be giving it a try!!

Is it possible for people to make fake psa graded cards? I found a psa 9 for really cheap n doesn’t seem right

Possible - Yes
But if you are going to the expense, why sell cheap cards?