Buyer did not pay, anyone have any interest?

Hey guys,

On my last round of auctions, someone bid and won all my auctions and now will not pay for them. Is anyone interested in these cards? I would prefer to sell all together since I already packed them up to ship out, but will break up if I get some decent offers. Obviously will take offers lower than what the top bid was because they would’ve ended lower if it wasn’t for the person who won all my auctions…thanks.

5 ADV1 Booster Pack EX Holos
10th Anniversary Promo Set

How much do you want for the Base Set cards?

And are any of the rares or holos below NM/M condition?

I am also curious about the Base Set cards

I believe all of the holos had some sort of whitening on the back edges, and about 4 of the rares were in NRMT-MT. I am currently talking to the second highest bidder who also bid on Jungle, Gym 2, Neo 2, Neo 3, and Neo 4, I think he is going to buy them at the price he would’ve won them at if the first place never bid. I will keep you updated.

Base, Jungle, Gym 2, Neo 2, Neo 3, and Neo 4 have been sold.

@shpunto9 – I am interested in the 10th Movie Anniversary Commemoration Set. Do you have a price in mind for this item?

Hey, I sent out a second offer to the second highest bidder for $51.76, but they did not accept, I am looking for $45 for the set. Let me know if you want it.

@shpunto9 – I think I’ll pass, for now. Thank you, nonetheless!

No problem UU, by the way everybody, all the set cards have been sold.