Forgive me if there is a thread already, but does anyone here buy gold or silver? Pokémon is by far my main collectible and hobby, but I also tend to buy gold and silver a few times a year. I’m interested to hear if anyone else does this.


^ small portion of my stack. I almost have six figures worth of gold bullion. I’m waiting for a recession then transitioning from gold to real estate. As of now I’m saving my disposable income for bitcoin. I want 10 bitcoins by next year.


I collect one of every year from the US but thats pretty much it. The hobby truly is dying in the US and young people are not interested. Last time I went to a numismatic event in Florida I was the youngest person there by at least 30 years. It’s sad because to me its a fun hobby but unfortunately the mint hasn’t really done anything to attract a younger audience.


@lordofpokemon, I collect silver myself. love those Canadian 1 ozers. I’m assuming you from Canada?

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@muhkurt, yep from canada


Before I got into Pokemon I collected Silver coins/bars. Sold my collection in 2014 at the same price that it is worth today - and put all the cash into Pokemon. You can guess which the better ‘investment’ was :wink:


That’s a lot of Gold!! Well done. Awesome picture the red felt is on point

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I recently traded 18oz’s for this amazing bottle of Glenfiddich (not bad for a guy who hasn’t had a drink since 1969 lol). I do still have 18 one ounce buffalo and standing liberty coins I bought in the area of 1070.00.
Personally, I would wait till Nov/Dec 2020 to decide if I want more gold.


If Our honorable president wins you’ll buy more gold?

Very cool G. What’s the story with this booze? I’ve never heard of it.

P.s. good job on not drinking since 69! Well done! In June it will be my 3 year mark without a drink

Right lol. Or at least see who comes out from the other side.

It’s like a work of art that I found really cheap (at least 5000.00 under market).

And SUPER congrats on your 3 years. We are all very proud of you:)

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