Booster box prices at the distributor level

Hey guys i have always been wondering how much do distributors pay for their booster boxes and how much do these boxes go for wholesale. Prices are different here in the UK as they retail for £90 that is equivalent to $110 as compared to the USA retail price of $90. My questions are how much do distributors pay for their boxes, how much do these boxes go for wholesale and is there a large difference in wholesale price depending where you are(USA or UK)? Thanks for taking your time to look through my thread and hopefully someone will have answers to my questions as this has been at the corner of my mind for some time. Cheers :grin:

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Distributor pricing is around $75-77 per box at the lowest.

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Do you mean they get their boxes from TPC for this amount or retailers get them at this price for resale from distributors?

The lowest price I know for an actual business is $76. Most businesses are lucky to get $79. People like Rudy who buy hundreds of boxes for each set are at $77. They are usually spending 10k on a new set.

Keep in mind you have to be a licensed business and consistently buy high volume to receive that low price point from a distributor.

I think countries outside of the US pay a bit more per box.

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Thanks Scott! I can finally rest my mind. These numbers are really interesting seeing that the profit margin is not large for businesses that sells at retail.

For sure! There is little-no profit at all unless you are able to obtain the lowest possible price point. You need to be high volume, with a full operation to make any money selling sealed product. The market is also currently over saturated as well.

Basically if you aren’t a business, its much better and easier to buy a couple boxes at $90-100.


In japan, i can wholesale new stock around $31.90 per box, but then you have to add taxes, and high postage, and then competing against other Japanese sellers for the lowest price, so you end up making only around $4 a box… after all ebay and paypal fees haha…

1 goes missing in Italy, and you lose your entire profit from 8 or 9 box sales.

it’s a fun time. :blush:


LOL! Love the cheeky Italy remark. Well i didn’t know selling booster boxes especially newer released sets can only earn so little! Good luck to you my friend and I hope that any sale you do over in Italy would be smooth :grin:

I had 4 packages stolen in the last month in Italy. Over $400-500 aud worth. Its my fault I should use tracking, but if I want to keep prices lowest for customers, will get abused.

you would think tracking would actually draw people to you

That really sucks :slightly_frowning_face: Well at least now you know what to do to prevent such cases from happening again :blush:

The wholesale price for English boxes is $118AU for Australia.

Given that it’s incredibly easy to buy boxes for $139AU including express shipping, it’s easy to see how sellers really aren’t making much money.

I really would like to know how much Finnish businesses have to pay for a box from distributor because they are selling boxes of Evolutions, Sun & Moon etc for 165 € (that’s around 175 USD) and that’s very expensive plus it doesn’t even include shipping. Shipping would add around 9 euros more to the price. I guess there’s some air on the box price to make at least some profit, plus our high tax percentage isn’t helping too. I could buy a box from the US, pay for shipping and customs and still get it cheaper…

I understand the struggle though, it’s not easy to keep a card store in Finland with competitive prices as many people will go online and get things much cheaper from the UK and US.

And there’s been a huge jump on prices in general because I remember the same stores sold boxes on DP, HGSS and BW era for like 99 € which isn’t even bad. The price has almost doubled now for new boxes and that’s just insane… But there’s another thing too as TCG used to be so much more popular here back in those days so there were more buyers too.

I also would like to know if someone else from Europe knows something about our distributor prices in general. UK prices aren’t too bad either so I wonder about other countries who use euro like us.

I don’t know distributor prices, but boxes in The Netherlands are going to the customer for 115 euro including shipping usually, sometimes 110 euro, and if you buy 6+ there are places where you can get it for 100 euro. We’ve got 21% sales tax here, not sure how high it is in Finland?

@skiwi Here it’s 24% so quite similar to yours… I guess they just put a lot of air to the prices to make profit as there really aren’t many online stores here selling booster boxes in general

I pay, and hold on to ur seats… 105 EUR / box distributor price. Europe is expensive :slightly_frowning_face:

I understand you man, £90 a box here in the UK too :sob:

I’ve been wondering why are the booster boxes much more expensive here in Europe than in the US but that distributor price does explain a lot…

And the problem is caused by Pokémon itself.

I’ve had contact with (one of the) biggest webshop in Europe regarding boosterbox prices. They buy their boxes directly from the Pokémon Company International. The cheapest they can go is (after taxes) is 81,50 GBP but then you need to buy… 240 or more boxes! That’s still ~96,50 euro a box.

Compare that to the US where you can buy boxes for 75 euro a box converted…

TPCI also forbids sellers in the US to ship to Europe. Some stores do it however, but actually it’s forbidden.

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Isn’t it because all product is produced in the US? If so, shipping is a nightmare. I have some Euro costumers that buy from me as I can get 1-2 boxes to them cheaply. However, I had a German individual who wanted 24 boxes from a set, but there is no reasonable shipping option for that weight.