Booster Box investment

Aside from the already established WOTC boxes, are there any specific booster boxes you guys would think are good long term investments?
Please skip the point that it may not be a great long term investment and just pretend it is please:)

I plan to pay anywhere between $300-$1400 per sealed box and store them away for years. I was thinking the EX boxes maybe?
I’d love to go for ones with limited production but cant find any numbers online that show production #'s?? Do you guys know?
Thanks guys!

Although I don’t have too much experience with the set, I think Call of Legends has some long-term potential with its SL secret rares.

I think the already established WOTC boxes are the best long term investments if you’re going to spend any money at all tbh.

This really depends upon your own financial situation. If you’re going to purchase for “investment” you really need enough disposible income that you’re not going to miss-out on other pieces for your own collection - and/or place yourself into a poor financial position. You really need to be able to purchase “X” for “$X” and just be able to forget about it. I cannot stress that portion enough; people are always trying to “invest” only to place themselves into a situation where they need to sell-off their “investment” a few months down the line - usually at a break-even or even loss stand-point…

Now, nobody is going to agree with me on this one; but I’m going for it! Haha

I truly believe-in XY Evolutions! I’m not saying to go balls to the wall buying-up as many booster boxes as possible right now; however, I would recommend picking-up a few booster boxes / cases - if you’re willing / able to “invest” for the long-term. This isn’t going to be a grand-slam investment; however, I can definitely see this as THE SET for younger-kids to collect when they reach our age and get back into collecting themselves!

I’m going againt EVERYTHING with XY Evolutions. There’s not many people who agree with me at all; and the numbers are truly on the doubters-side. However, I’ve got a gut-feeling about this set, and I’m sticking with it for the very, very, very long-term!


This is great thank you guys. Yeah the XY series I am truly afraid of but some people are clearance-ing their boxes at like $65 so if disposable is really that disposable I’ll consider it thank you.

Honestly I didnt know too much about the Call of Legends box but this s getting more and more interesting of a set. Only downfall I can barely find any on ebay sold or selling. Do you think a result of rarity or something else??

And if I found a Call of Legends sealed box you think $800 is a fair price? Or more at this point?

base set 2


Which old boxes are people still buying today to open? Buy those.

His income is boxes anywhere between $300-$1400 currently

Try buying anything WOTC, research and decide what you like best. I can’t see ‘modern’ boxes ever taking off, the quantity is just too immense and there isn’t the same cultural movement behind say Evolutions as there was with Base Set. For every modern booster box you want to invest with there are almost literally a million others out there with the same intention, you can’t say the same with WOTC product.


On this note; If you want to pay under $500 a box you should be looking at which BW era secrets are in which sets…


You want us to pretend a box is a long term investment in order that we can tell you which boxes are long term investments, even if they may not be?

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I do think it’s a good long term investment, I just wanted to bypass that question of “if” so this forum doesn’t become a conversation of should or should not invest in booster boxes and more just discuss which ones are worth it

For real?

I was itching to buy into stormfront booster boxes for a few months and finally pulled the trigger. bought 2 (paid 320 and 360.)

The Set has a secret rare charizard, charmeleon, charmander reminiscent of the base set artwork and a few shiny SRs (very low pop and supply on the market. tend to sell for over 100 when graded PSA 10.)

I brought it up in the price and market discussion subforum. Link below.

I think flashfire would be your best bet. There are 6 different Charizard ex cards and Mega Charizard X is pulling 50$ for the regular art. There are no non secret rare/non full art cards outside of standard that pull an insane price like this.
Booster boxes are like 300$ or something so you could get a couple.

Ultra Prism