Booster Box Case Sticker/Label Variations

I bought a few cases today with the help of some other collectors. I wanted to share the variations of stickers on the boxes.
When i bought my jungle case, the sticker made me uncertain. I wasn’t sure if there were 216 packs or 6 boxes in them, so I had to open half way to guarantee what I was buying. You will see cases of Base Set (either green wing or blue wing unlimited - not sure which case I got because the seller was moving boxes around), Base Set 2, and 1st ed Gym Challenge. You will notice on the faded sticker that the 1st edition is a part of the description which is nice. But the uncertainty of it only saying qty. 216 is odd still. I have seen cases that read “6 display of 36” which would guarantee booster boxes instead of packs.

Maybe we can figure out if green wing boxes are shadowless by the WOC #??

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I believe that blister box that probstein sold for 10k or so turned out to have 1st ed blisters even though the label iirc didn’t say anything other than base blisters xQTY, there must’ve been a way to know or the buyer had some info that they were 1st ed otherwise they wouldn’t have sold so high. There may be a way to tell if a case is green wing/shadowless based on the sticker, but not sure if that data is available anymore since there probably aren’t many sealed cases left to work it out.

@garyis2000 you ever notice anything back in the day?

To the best of my recollection all my 1st and Shadowless cases read 1/99. I had loads of 4/99 cases and they were all shadowed Unl. Now keep in mind if wizards used up a toilet paper roll they would reuse it as a straw. They pinched every penny so it wouldn’t surprise me if there were case sticker anomaly’s lol.

An added tip: all my blister boxes read 1/99 also, regardless of the type of edition inside. Later I saw a blister box that didn’t read 1/99 but it was faded and couldn’t make out the date besides having a curved first number.

There’s a listing on ebay for blisters with 7/99 with short crimp shadowless packs.

Would these be more likely to have unlimited cards in ashadowless pack?

I believe so, not worth 10k imo. But that’s an awesome case to have! Super cool

edit: if the seller opened one of the packs and it’s shadowless, will the whole case be shadowless? Worth trying if he wants to get max value on the sale

Sorry for the bump but thought it was important to document it in a relevant thread.

1st ed shadowless blister case - pokerev opened a case today which contained 1st ed packs:

Short crimp shadowless case (unknown if the cards are shadowless or not) - i’ve seen a couple pics of opened cases which had the short crimp - ill be opening a pack from a box like this to find out if shadowless or not:

Edit: ive opened a couple from different cases and they contain both shadowless and unlimited cards. Its really pot luck.

Unlimited blister case:

Little update to base set blister case:

A base set blisters case that was very similar to the 1st ed case except had “4/99” as opposed to “1/99” appeared for sale on Virbank.

After much research (and laughter at the people calling the case fake) I found a youtube video that had opened one and contained unl blisters to my disappointment.