Blastoise/MTG Back

Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA from this group for 4ish years and decided to hop back in to the collecting scene yesterday.

Was posting on reddit to show off the collection and get more info as to what I may be missing.

I was made aware that the Blastoise card with the MTG back may actually be real afterall, and that just happened to be the last discussion I had on these boards about 4 years ago.

Anyone have any updated information? Were they authentic? Anyone know of a seller?
Here’s the link to the old discussion.


What is dead may never die.


Yeah I hear there was some drama. I’m not fully aware of what happened. Legitimately just trying to get more info. I kinda collect blastoises


Here is the old discussion thread (the first post has since been deleted):

The thread in general caused a lot of drama because OP was disguising a “plz buy this from me for $$$$$$$” as a “does anyone have info about this card”. I’m sure there are a fair few people interested in the card itself but it’s going to be hard to find good answers any more thanks to that.

OP posted a picture of a supposed uncut MTG sheet showing the Blastoise on here: I’d advise you take that with a pinch of salt though as it may well be an altered image.


I went through the whole thread after you posted it in the discord. Missed a few key details due to the deleted comments but I got the general idea. Too bad about the drama, super neat looking card. My favorite Blastoise Art.



Watch out Logan Paul!

* All we need now is the revival of CollectorZard and it’ll be like we are repeating 2018 all over again.

Just trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed in the last 4 years lol


Imagine LP buys the MTG back Blastoise for 300k omg please make it happen

I just want to say I do not work for CGC and I did not just authenticate and encapsulate a copy of this card.

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This can only end well. Again…

Hey there @cheesypoof999,. I actually have this card and was doing some research on it. I got it when I lived in Tacoma, WA in the late 90s from a family friend who worked for Wizards. I’m really not a collector or expert, and my cards have been collecting dust for awhile.

So here we go again I guess…

@govertime,I think the general consensus among members is that it “may” be real, but the origin can not be verified. If a card can not be truly verified then it is only worth what someone is willing to pay that will believe the story. It also can not be graded for these same reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, it is very interesting and looks cool, but it’s a similar category to the infamous prerelease raichu. A card who’s legacy is based on unverified sources with no true origin of creation/release.

If your question is whether it was made at Wotc, the answer would be yes. It’s been seen in person and inspected with magnification to authenticate it.

Does that mean it is legitimate? Certainly not, who knows why it was made and by whom. The sheets that it was on were from 1998, so it fits the timeframe of a test print but unless a miracle happens we will never for sure know more than that.

We can make guesses it is a test print based on the art and time frame, but it could be just as easily some employees playing around or doing something they weren’t supposed to.

There are also 2 versions of it, one with yellow borders and one with black borders.

It is a very interesting piece with many questions that we will never have answered.

Unfortunately some of the owners have made it extremely unappealing to even talk about, as their conduct is less than transparent

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Please don’t bump old threads to advertise your items