G’day ladies and gents.

I have been searching for a suitable 4 card per page binder, similar to the Ultra Pro one found below for quite a while now with a few specific wants.

The Ultra Pro binder is ultimately made from pretty flimsy plastic, so I’m hoping someone out there knows a brand/style that has a hard(ish) cover and will still have side loading pockets. I also would greatly prefer if they are 4 cards per page as I like the look of the small binder.

If you guys and gals know or use anything similar to what I am after, please let me know =)

Monster sells pretty good binders from what I’ve heard?

I’ve heard that but haven’t seen any physically yet. Maybe someone here has one and is willing to post pictures? Pretty please?

I use Monster binders and find they work great but they’re 9 card pages and I don’t really know your tolerance of ‘flimsy’.

I have a white one and three grey ones.


  • Nice matte finish on covers
  • Side-loading pockets
  • Textured backing that keeps cards tightly in pockets
  • 9 cards per page
  • pages are sewn in and the binder feels solid.
  • Cards in ultra pro deck protectors fit perfectly


  • I guess the front and back could be more rigid, I have to store it on a flat surface with a flat object on top of it for peace of mind.
  • From my experience, there is a good chance some of the pages can have vertical scratching on the plastic which isn’t ideal but also not a disaster.
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