BGS 10 Subgrade Ranking


When it comes to a High End BGS 10 graded card (non Black Label), is there a ranking of preferred subgrade combinations? E.g. Is having the one 9.5 point as the centering vs having it as the corners seen as a stronger card in the eyes of the market, or does any one subgrade being the 9.5 not make a difference value/popularity wise.

Not sure if it is just individual preference (mine being 9.5 centering and 10 for the rest) or if there is a generally accepted order that has a certain subgrade better than another and so on.

Interested for anyones thoughts and if this might differ between different TCGs.


I think its personal preference at that point. But to me at least, I would choose the card that has the best eye appeal


I think the 9.5 on centering would be my preference. So many of their 9.5 centering grades actually look very well centered in my book, I think they grade the back centering more harshly than PSA.


9.5 centering is still within psa 10 standards but 9.5 surface may not be

So 9.5 centering is ideal for a high grade card imo


Yeah centering imo is the weaker one

I think corners and and surface being 10 would make a card easier to cross.

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Thanks everyone! Better understanding now.

Centering at 9.5 is most preferred.