Beware StockX

StockX doesn’t deserve Jose

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I got my package back today and it did match the photos they sent. By my highly expert CSI analysis of jumping to conclusions - it looks an awful lot like someone may have made a small slit in the seal when cutting the outer box open and then intentionally ripped it open from there to prevent sending it forward to a buyer that would complain. Definitely not something subtle I would’ve missed while packaging lol.

Oh well, that’s the cost of doing business with sealed stuff. It’s not an amount of money worth getting upset over and there’s no way I could prove what happened, anyways.

Sorry to hear that. Definitely different than my situation but they are a drip in the same bucket of no transparency with StockX.

Trusting them wasn’t a problem when they had the cash flow and could eat bad debts to focus on growth but now that they are positioned as Goliaths and struggling, their customer service is taking a backseat.

They also just blasted out an email that sellers will no longer have free shipping to StockX. They will be charged $4. Even thought buyers already pay for shipping and processing lmao

Might seem petty but just another change going in the wrong direction.

Sad to see them fall, they had a really great service for avoiding dealing with scammers