Best Yugioh Sleeves for Collecting/Long-Term Storage?

I’ve been looking for an answer to this for months, but all I can ever find is the best sleeves for protecting your cards when playing the game, which seem to be a bit pricey (player’s choice for example). I just want sleeves that are good enough to protect my cards in a binder (yes, I want them to fit in binder pages) for a long period of time. Would something like Player’s Choice still be the best way to go? or are there cheaper sleeves that will do the job just as well?

I will be using Dark Magician girl ones soon but that’s because…


Watch this guys Videos he goes through the best sleeves for playing and double sleeving ect.


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Get a toploader binder broooooO!!! double sleeve the cards and then into toploader and then into toploader binder. They will never die this way.

Isn’t double sleeving cards bad in the same way that using 2 condoms is bad? The sleeves rubbing against each other will cause wear and possibly tearing.


These videos give pretty awesome reviews on sleeves, only thing I’d like to note is that they usually base their opinion more so from a player’s perspective. Things like how well they shuffle or even how dirty they get don’t really apply that much if you are just going to be putting cards in a binder; in that case, cheaper options will usually suffice.

Seeing as how I started seriously collecting Yugioh before Pokemon, I ended up using cheaper Ultra Pro Yugioh sized sleeves in an ultra pro leather binder which does the job nicely. For my Pokemon collection, I chose to go with more expensive KMC perfect fits and with my new ultra rare binder have started to double sleeve them as well with KMC hyper mats. More likely than not, this is overkill as with the binder pages included, I am in essence triple sleeving. KMC Perfect Fit Minis for Yugioh sized cards also exist if you’re interested.

The main argument for double sleeving is that dust can get into the top opening of sleeves sometimes and would damage the card while having an inner perfect fit sleeve with the opening on the bottom will essentially eliminate this issue.

@milhouse not sure if you’re serious but the best response I can think of is that there’s at least a tad bit less of moving around when it comes to sleeved cards as compared to the other thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was being completely serious, and it was the best comparison I could think of to make.

Even if there is not nearly as much movement on the Sleeves, if you are moving the files/folders around at all then I think over time any amount of movement and abrasion is going to want to be avoided.

Hey guys, appreciate all the replies.

I decided to try kmc perfect fit mini, but I’ve run into a problem when trying to order from amiami (they’re cheaper and I always hear good things about them)… I’m trying to order this The picture is different from the specifications, so I emailed them asking which was correct. I asked what the actual size of the sleeves were, and how many come in a pack. They told me 60 come in a pack, but didn’t answer my question about the size (whether it’s 60x87, or 80x60) so I replied asking them again about the size and they told me for the second time “The image is wrong therefore please refer to what it is written on the item page and not to what is written on the image.”

does anyone know the actual size of these sleeves? wouldn’t 80x60 be too small for yugioh cards? is there even such thing as 80x60 sleeves?

This Here are the perfect ones for Pokemon cards. Not sure if Yugioh are smaller

Yeah yugioh cards are smaller

I actually have those already as I also collect pokemon, but they’re a bit big for yugioh cards.

is anyone able to answer my previous post?

The KMC minis are 60x87mm and fit Yu-Gi-Oh cards perfectly. Regular KMC perfect fits sleeves are 64x89mm. It’s probably just a mistake in the listing on AmiAmi’s part.


KMC Perfect Mini Sleeved Slifer:

KMC Perfect Fit Regular behind the Mini for Comparison:

@milhouse I agree with you that movement is bad and can lead to abrasions, but I think double sleeving definitely provides more benefit than harm. In my experience, cards move around less in binder pages when double sleeved because they end up being secured in place; it doesn’t leave much room for movement. Also, in the case of condoms, the main concern is that the barriers themselves may be damaged which actually helps to illustrate my point; whatever abrasion there is that may occur is sustained mostly by the sleeves themselves which in the case of cards would be a good thing. I won’t argue that it provides PSA slab levels of protection, but I definitely feel way more comfortable with this than I would with a penny sleeve for example.


Good to know

I was going to say to use Perfect fit, but I guess you beat me to it.

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