Best Score EVER

$3.99, are you out of your mind?!? Look what I just got :blush:

Holy Crap! Lucky you! SOOOO jealous right now!

I was in such disbelief I did a screenshot for back-up proof in case they pulled any shenanigans!

It’s a $100+ error card. It sure didn’t come from some theme deck!

That is freaking incredible! Less than 5000 of those cards were ever printed! Great find!

Well in the text is DOES say it’s a regular one.
Maybe they took the wrong stock photo…
Anyways, don’t get you hopes up too much, but I hope you’ll get what you want. :wink:

Hopefully it works out! Congrats on the snag

What sucks, at least for the rest of us, is that there is like no possibility of this happening with other error cards, as they all would just be classified as their correct counterparts by someone who doesn’t know any better, and then a stock photo is primarily used :confused:

But anyways, good for you! Let us know when you get it, and if it’s the right card!

Given that Dark Dragonite was never in a theme deck, the way T&T describes their holo and non-holo rares, and then the photo itself, I’m sure it’s the real thing. What’s sad is that means someone sold it to them for at most 10¢. I’ll let you guys know when it arrives!

They both thought it was a worthless card, so no harm done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nooo way! I’ve been after that card for months! Congrats!

smooth player

Can someone tell me what the error is on this card? :confused: Cause I don’t see it.

It is basically missing the foil layer.

So… it came in today… AND it’s the right card. A couple of scratches, minor edge whitening, near mint as described! No complaints here!

You, my friend, are very lucky :stuck_out_tongue: Good for you

*bows down*

I almost had a similarly awesome situation. I could have traded my Groudon Gold Star for someone’s No Stage Blastoise because they didn’t even know the card was an error, but then they got smart and Ebay’d it and now they want to keep it >.>

@waynegg – Congratulations :heart:

Today I’m meeting with a few locals whose kids played and collected way back in the day to buy collections. Supposedly lots of 1st Edition stuff. Hopefully the condition is good!