Best Card Shops in Arizona

I’ve been to a few good one’s in Phoenix but if anyone has any recommendations it would be helpful.

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I’m going to start this by saying that I can’t help you in terms of a store itself but it would be helpful if you define what a good store to you is. Are you looking for large tournaments that happen weekly? large stocks of inventory? small local places where everyone is super nice and you have good conversations? are you looking for a place that services more than just pokemon?

Everybody likes a store for a different reason as everyone is looking for a different experience. Hope these questions help you and people in Arizona find the right kind of store for you.

Any of the above. Any recommendations would help.

Showtime in Tempe. Picked up a 1st ed rocket booster box there last week


Seconded for Showtime! They’re the closest shop to me and have been friendlier than most others in the valley.

Amazing Discoveries is nice too, in Gilbert I believe.

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