BCW Graded Card Sleeves

Hiya all

So I just got an email from my supplier stating that in the next month or so, they will be starting to supply BCW products here in Australia. That’s really good for me as most of the time when I order top-loaders, semi-rigid sleeves etc, graded card sleeves etc I have to order them from outside of Australia and the postage price absolutely kills me.

Now, I’ve had a look around trying to find people’s opinions on BCW graded card sleeves, but I just cannot seem to locate any whether it be videos, or just comments.

Question - Have you ever used any BCW graded card sleeves, and how well do they fit PSA graded cards?


Gav, how many graded cards sleeves would you order if you made an order?

If I made an order, easily 10 packets minimum [100 sleeves per packet], just so I had back-stock and maybe put one or two up on eBay as I know they are hard to get in Aus.

Sending you a PM mate.