Base set 1st Edition Blister pack value?

Hello all. I was wondering what the value would be on a base set 1 first edition blister pack?

Also how rare were blister packs in comparison to loose packs? Did they manufacture many? Do they have more value today?


It is definitely more desirable than loose packs. :blush:

eBay completed listings shows that blisters range from $230-350 depending on the artwork.

I was wondering because I have 3 blister packs with 1st ed stamp, unfortunately on one of them its a very faded stamp (will this decrease value?)

I want to sell them but also kinda want them graded to make sure they are 100% legit. Ive never seen a blister graded. Would they do it?

can we see a pic of the faded stamp?

I edited the original post with faded stamp pic.

edit: The reason I say faded stamp is because I have a loose charizard pack 1st ed, and the 1st ed stamp is very dark print. Ive heard wizards of the coast kept stamping till the last drop of ink before changing that cartridge, therefore some packs have faded symbols … Ive heard so much I don’t even know what to believe.

Looks legit to me.

They won’t grade it in the blister, no. I believe your best bet is to keep them sealed in the blister like they are.


yup nothing to suggest theyre fake, sell away, and dont open them!

oh damn, i was thinking about opening it for nostalgia



These forums make me so emotional at times.

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