Back Borders - Different Shades of Blue?

I was examining a new raw card purchase closely earlier, when I noticed something that now seems obvious: there’s quite a bit of shade variation in the blue border on the back of Pokemon cards.

At first I thought my new Raikou Ex had a border a bit too dark a blue for the era - but I found 5 other raw cards and a few PSA cards with the same deep blue. Compare the Sunflora and Raikou with the Feraligatr below. Looking through my PSA cards, same thing. Perhaps 3 or 4 subtly different shades between the two extremes in the picture.

Anyone know if this caused by anything in particular, say light exposure, or just how they were printed originally?

There is definitely variation in the way they are printed. This is as true for the back of the cards as it is for the front. And we’ve got whole threads dedicated to just this type of variation in the fronts of base set cards.


Yeah this is normal. Just how they were printed.