AzulRyu Buy Thread - WTB Carddass Slide-Up & Batomen Coin

If my prices seem off, please let me know, as most of these cards I haven’t found sold listings for and are purely based on similar cards. Consider condition for all wanted cards to be NM/Mint (some whitening is okay if on back of cards) unless stated otherwise.

Prices are in USD and are negotiable.
****Please tag me in responses so I get notified! Thank you!

Non-TCG Gary’s:

1997/98 Carddass Slide-Up Cards:
Gyarados (Normal): $30
Gyarados (Gold): $60

Example Pics:

Early Era Batomen Coin C-Series:
Gyarados Lenticular (pictured next to Jigglypuff): $35

Japanese Cards:

None at this time
****1st Edition:****None at this time
English Cards:
**Unlimited:**None at this time
****1st Edition:****None at this time
Thanks all!


You can add the “Note: MAY NOT EXIST” at the CP6 (20th Anniversary) Blastoise EX as well (or just remove it). As far as I know the CP6 set was only released in 1st edition (99% sure).

Good luck with your searches!


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Your statement is correct, CP6 unlimited does not exist.

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Thanks guys! Updated!

Updated! Added New Year Present Card - decided that even though I’m no longer collecting Jumbos, I miss this one for it’s unique artwork and want it back in my collection.

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Love this choice, it’s my favorite thing in my collection right now!

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Bump! Adjusted some prices. Also, if anyone knows a good Japanese middleman, let me know. I miss Glenn.

Man I wished there was a bended in half, washing machined, back missing SNAP Gyarados for that price :cry:


Bump! Adjusted price for New Year Present card.

@papafrankgod, I agree. I would still take it. XD

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Bumping since it’s been a few months. Updated prices and added Shining Gyarados to the buy list since I’m looking to replace mine.

Bumping. Wanted to highlight the fact that I’m looking for the New Year Present card primarily.


See these two here. Will keep a lookout for others.

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Major thanks to @chrisbalestra again for linking me the original listing on the New Year Present. Was able to save up since the middle of the summer to make a purchase on it. :blush:

I’m currently looking for the Slide Up cards for Gyarados as I’ve had them on my radar for 10 years but never actively hunted for them until now. I have seen a regular one in person but don’t have a picture and I’ve HEARD there is a gold but am unable to locate a picture for that one as well.
The Gyarados slide up card is the same Sugimori artwork featured in Misty’s Gyarados:

If anyone also knows which Part (Part 1 or 2) Gyarados is featured in, that would be helpful as I know there are a few sellers selling these in lots but are unable to confirm which lots I could potentially find one.



I have some slide up cards. A few golds and some sealed still. Lmk if interested. Would need to go look at exactly which ones i have sealed away (i know for sure they are all in nm+ condition tho).


Thanks! I’ll send you a DM.


I’m so happy you finally got the New Year Present!

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Bump - Still on the lookout for Gyarados Slide Up Cards.

And thanks, @japanime ! Pretty sure the one that sold on auction for a PSA 7 was the one you had originally helped me get way back when so I’m glad I finally got another copy after my idiotic mistake of letting it go.

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Bump - still looking for the Slide Up cards and added the Batomen coin.