Awesome Japanese cards added to my collection

There may only be 8 cards here, but they are very special indeed. I’ve been after the Pal City promos for years now, I just love their artwork! The Daisuke Raichu also means a lot to me as Racihu is my favourite Pokemon.

They’re all in mint condition and im sending them to get graded. They’re for my own personal collection and im not interested in selling them, but just out of interest could anyone give me an idea of how much they would be worth if they all come back as gem mint?


Congrats on this great lot.

Wow congrats on the set and raichu. You beat me to it if you got the $150 raichu off ebay haha. The pal city set doesn’t seem to sell as well as it used to but I think it can still fetch around $400 as a gem mint set maybe more. Not quite sure.

the value of an ungraded set went down from $400-500 to $200-300. This set isn’t very desireable, but congrats on your addition!