Automatic Straighten And Crop Card Images Tool - SAC v1.0.1 11/19/2023 Release

This is brilliant!! Thank you so much for your work!

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Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their positive feedback, I’m glad there’s people who use it.

Secondly, I’d love to hear from you what you would like to see as future development for this tool.

Select up to two, vote what you would like added
  • Optional automatic warping of the image (not just rotation when straightening)
  • White background mode (to allow cards on white backgrounds)
  • Multiple images at once with the same setting
  • Rudimentary masking (for background swaps)
  • Offer service as a web-app
  • Finetuning current functionality (e.g. optimizing straightness for all sides)
  • Improving user interface
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Oh this is awesome. Maybe my collection update photos won’t look as bad anymore. Just gotta see if I can get it running on Linux since I don’t have a windows machine. Hopefully the python files alone should work. Looking forward to this.

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You should be able to make it work (maybe except for since it has hardcoded windows path(s)), just need to look into imports to see which dependencies you need to install.

@expedition Typically you would add requirements.txt file (for example), which contains the dependencies and their versions that are used in your script(s), so that anyone that wants to work with the repository can just create a virtual environment and install the dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt and after that they can run the script(s).

Cool tool, will check it out later :slight_smile:

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Great shout, I’m an absolute newbie when it comes to github, but I’m trying to learn. There should probably be a readme file in there as well.

Don’t look too closely at the code either, there’s bound to be a lot of inefficiencies and worst-practices. is a bit of vestigial code that I should probably cleanup, and add the functionality as an option to the gui.

v1.0.1 is here

A new version of the Straighten And Crop-tool is available on github:

Release link

The new version is not directly supplied as a ‘raw’ executable but through an installer.

I’ve worked on two suggestions on this new version:

  1. It is now possible to process multiple images with one click. All images will be subject to the same variables (threshold and buffer). It is possible to browse through the previews with your arrow-keys after loading the images. By default it displays the first image.
  2. The tool now optimizes straightness with respect to the top and bottom edges of the card. Below some examples of my testing with a few warped images:

The middle image may still seem poorly straightened, but this is all that is possible without actually (un)warping the image. The average of the top and bottom edge is a straight line.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new updated tool!

This’ll be very helpful for people who don’t have easy access to photo editing software! Thank you for the hard work!

Personally I use photoshop so I can align the edges of scans with guides and rulers but it’s a manual process for sure… Automation is more efficient for sure :raised_hands: