Australian 1st edition red logo jungle themed box

Has anyone ever seen or know if this actually do exist?
Its Made in Australia, red logo, contains full 1st edition jungle cards. I’m trying to get more information but nothing shows up. The bottom of the box does say Made in Australia. And if you look at the picture of Kangaskhan card behind the box, it does say 1st edition. Do these actually exist?

Not first edition, thats just the generic photo thats used on all the Australia jungle decks. By the time they made the Red logo version they had moved on from 1st editions. Unless someone else has an open copy they themselves opened and can say otherwise. Generally the photos they use on the box dont match what is in the box, you can see that with all the base set decks as an example. Wish I could afford the sealed red logo jungle decks though but those ebay listings are outrageous.


Opened a box as a chikd - its all unlimited.

There is also a red logo Jungle variant as well. I prefer the red. It looks cool!