Asian set names

Is there a accurate database where I can find Chinese and Korean sets

I know some Chinese and Korean sets have their own name and when I use bulbapedia it’s not as accurate

Thank you in advance to whoever responds to this

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For Korean:

  • The ten sets from 2010 are mentioned on Bulbapedia, including their Korean names at the top (here the first one, with navigation at the top)
  • The sets after that (from the BW era onward), can be found on:
  • (the only two sets before that are the Base Set and ADV Expansion Pack, and the gen 3 starter decks)

For Chinese:



Quuador you continue to amaze me with how much you put into the tcg community, i appreciate what you do💜


Just a personal project of mine but i try to keep the chinese card database here:
You could also find some general info (mainly about the vintage sets base set and exl egend maker 2006) here:



This is an amazing resource! Thanks for building that, love being able to see and visualise things like this.