Art Academy - Xime (Hawaii Dancer) country?

Does anyone know if the winner of the Hawaii Dancer Art Academy Pikachu (illustrator name Xime) is from the US or not? I’ve seen this card for sale about five times on eBay in the past 1.5-2 years, and all of them were from a the same seller from Chile. However, when I look at Bulbapedia I see the following:

Does this mean Bulbapedia is incorrect and it was open to both Noth and South America entirely, and the winner is indeed from Chile? Or did someone who lives in Chile bought up quite a few of these from the winner, and then sold them with profit. (Or the winner moved to Chile perhaps?..)

Not really an important question or anything, but I was just wondering. :blush:


Her brother puts the listing up and then has her ship the card out. At least that’s the story I got from him. I believe it did arrive from outside the US, though I don’t exactly remember where.

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