Ariga Questions

I’m a dumb little baby with panel. Feel free to comment questions from Ariga here I’ll print them out and then write down the answer. I will then transfer the answer from that sheet to a comment replying to your question.


What is your favorite food?

What is one thing you would change about TPC from an artist perspective? (I dont want him to lose his job, not spun up on the work culture in this regard - may be an inappropriate question)

What Pokémon would he like to illustrate most that he hasn’t yet?


When designing a Pokemon, what sort of direction or information are you given for the design process? Such as the details of the region the game is set in, or what ‘type’ of Pokemon it should be.

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Given the similarities between the two, Shining Kabutops and Shining Genesect (which you illustrated) are depicted in what seems like the same setting. Do this all but confirm that Genesect is a modified Kabutops? Or perhaps related to Kabutops in some way?

Who is your favorite(s) tcg artist?