Artists of the TCG , Struggle or (re-)welcomed with open arms?

Hi E4,
Is it known if it is easy for artists who have been active to come back? Or is that more of an exception that is only possible for the “big” ones? Do you know artists who would like to work for pokemon( again) but it didn’t work out?

Pokémon pretty much decides everything. A lot of the inner workings are hush hush. Even great, prolific artists like Arita have to be careful about how much artists can divulge. It’s not really clear why or how cards come about. Pokémon has ideas on what they want and they commission artists to make new card arts. That’s pretty much it. TPC’s demand for card art has only gone up each and every generation, with 1000+ new arts every single year. Given that artists aren’t “employees” of TPC like one may expect, they are pretty much at the whim of TPC. I figure this has been one of the main reasons why certain artists will have a few cards and then completely disappear from the tcg.

I don’t want to talk extensively about what I don’t fully understand, but its rumored/implied that TPC does not pay the card artists all that well.


But we’re paying you in exposure! :clown_face: