Are there any sources for how rare each card is?

I’m not just talking about common/uncommon/rare, I’m talking about the odds of pulling each card.

Nothing official as far as I know. But you can watch watch Deriums Youtube Channel, where they open like 1000 of the same Booster in a video and then show the results. Should be a good way to get a feeling of how rare the Holos in the recent sets are.

It varies from set to set. BUT within the set, each holo rare has just the same chance as any other holo rare. Each reverse holo rare is the same. Each FA ex/gx or FA trainer is the same. Each secret rare or hyper rainbow is the same. In shining legends, I believe the shinings are equal to the FA. Sometimes it may seem that it is not equal , for example It may seem a FA trainer is harder to get then a FA ex/gx BUT you have consider that set may have 2 or 3 total FA trainers and 8 different FA ex/gx.

Since English Wotc base set, the odds of a rare holo being pulled are about 1 in 3 packs has been consistent. If you get an ultra rare (gx, ex, shiny, FA, secret) then it basically replaces the holo rare.

Basically you can find pull rates and work out the odds of pulling specific cards from there but in terms of actual production numbers or specific card quantities I dont think is anything to go off.

You’re currently a memeber to the site, that is that source.