Are my misprints valueable?

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In the picture above, you will see my three cards that I am thinking are misprints. The first Quilava, is actually not Quilava, it was an error and now says Quilave. I have one just like it but it isn’t an error card. The second one, Magmortar X, as you might have noticed isn’t holo like an X card should be. The third one, magmortar, isn’t holo either, although you can tell by the background that is is supposed to be a holo card.

These are all fakes… I’m sorry :confused:


Alright well thanks anyways :confused: not sure how I got them then if they are fake, my uncle gave em to me.


No need to bump this. The cards are fake and worthless and this has already been established.

They are fake.

Locking the thread as there is no room for discussion or anything. The answer was 100% accurate.
Anyone can acquire fakes in any number of ways, including fake boxes, packs, and singles.

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