Are Chinese reprints decaying Japanese prices?

I noticed from many people’s speculations here, there are some similarities:

  • Many people look to the past (and quote an example of a past set) and think a particular modern set will perform/behave the same. But not all sets are equal and past performance is not always indicative of future performance.
  • Korean ≠ Chinese; Korean cards have bad QC while Chinese cards are printed by same Japanese factory which print the Japanese cards.

Have you opened modern Korean cards recently? They used to have really bad QC (the 2004 ADV set feels like toilet paper), but from Sword & Shield onwards modern Korean cards are of much better quality - I’ll even go out on a limb and say that they’re better quality and have better QC than modern English. I’ve not opened any modern Chinese so I can’t compare.


Come to think of it, this is a good example which demonstrates the reverse situation.

  • What this thread would expect: when Traditional Chinese copies of EBD Lillie and Moonbreon were released, people will go for those instead of Japanese since they are the cheaper options.

  • What actually happened: EBD Lillie was released in Traditional Chinese in December 2019 and Moonbreon in June 2021, and didn’t cause Japanese prices to dip at the time. When the hype hit in 2023, both cards were hyped in Japan, and flippers started to use “people will go for Traditional Chinese since they are the cheaper options” as an excuse to hype Traditional Chinese as well. As a result Traditional Chinese copies ended up 3x the price before the hype because people are trying to flip Japanese.

  • “Ended up” suggests some time later after release. That’s why I say, if you want something, you gonna be decisive and quick to snap it while it’s still affordable.

Like Moonbreon ENG was once a $120 card:

Lesson learned then. Congrats!

Back then (before Oct 2021), there wasn’t any known difference between JPN vs ENG Moonbreons, and I was pro-ENG for modern alt arts.

But I still preferred the ENG version (like English text on my cards, and like the ENG rooftop’s texture better). Would and should have picked up a JPN copy for leisure when it was less than $300:

i wish i lived in a universe where this statement was true for me.

Yup I wish too that Pokemon company would treat all different countries’ releases as equal and not short-change fans with different holos, textures and print qualities! :unamused:

I remember watching the prices of the g-birds when s5a came out thinking they were too expensive for me, but i did end up buying the zeraora v when s6 came out because of how insane the texture looked on top of the nice art. I remember thinking every time that prices would drop when the english version came out and every time being disappointed until eventually realizing that they are not tied to each other.

it never occurred to me at that time to consider other asian languages. tbh, it felt “taboo” to consider anything that isn’t japanese if i wanted a card. it took a while for me to get over the fact that the characters of the writing were different.

If i had to guess, most people are still in that place where it’s either english or japanese. everything else is just for suckers who can’t afford the “main” languages.

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Yup this was constantly preached wherever group/sub I was in back then.

Sometimes we gonna learn to ignore!


and that is the answer to your question.


It can also be that because they’ve been collecting either language for a very long time, the underlying habit makes it very difficult to accept change. If a card in JP is several times the price of its Asian counterparts, JP collectors might save up to eventually get it to avoid breaking continuity; same for English where various personal attachments also apply


I think it’s important to look outside a western-centric perspective and remember that Japanese is the only main language. Even English is a secondary language when it comes to Pokemon - it always will be.


my cycle be like buy substitute Asian language for missing piece will still end up buying JP anyways and will collect other asian language added to goals :joy:


I do hope the JP prices got affected so I can proceed, but it didn’t so I’m still stuck in the first step of the cycle. :expressionless:


But English is the main language around the world. :earth_americas:

Just because a product’s country of origin is not English, doesn’t mean English is not the main language. We should look at the majority of the users, who are English-speaking.

English is definitely the most popular. I was approaching it from a general perspective on the price of cards and how decisions get made as to which cards are distributed.


Yes, English is the most common language, but if it was entirely a numbers game then Japanese cards would be much less desirable than Chinese (Mandarin). Even, Hindi and Spanish are much more commonly spoken languages than Japanese but we don’t see that correlate to popularity