Arceus and Pichu Contest cards $400+

Hey fellow collectors.

Im looking to buy or trade for
MINT Pichu and Arceus Design Contest cards from 2009
Includes graded PSA 9-10, or ungraded that will score 9-10 PSA

Pichu Kindergarten
Pichu 1st Grade
Pichu 2nd Grade
Pichu Televi-Kun
Pichu Pucchigumi

Arceus 3rd Grade
Arceus 5th Grade

(This past year, the 10+ cards in this set for sale, sold for $200-400)
My starting offer is $300 for mint copies and unlisted Graded copies, $400 for PSA copies

I’m thinking for anyone considering trading, I’ll add $100 in trade value, and work on a list of cards I have available

How many points for the PSA 10 Regirock Gold Star? Love the way you did it with the point system! :blush:

Thanks, its a work in progress for now, and will see a bunch of updates in a few weeks from now, with a TON of inventory, and an improved “buylist”.

The Regirock would be 99000 points, but keep in mind that is the most valuable item on the list now, by a significant amount. Many smaller items are “priced to move”.
I hope this value doesn’t deter you, as you must realize it would be difficult to trade for PSA 10 GS irl, especially with “bulk”, but I try to give the opportunity anyway :blush:

Is bulk really worth something in large quantities? I always saw it as a filler, a burden ha
Who needs 100 of the same common uncommon and trainers.
I bet ive got a fair few thousand of the stuff, I’ve been organising bundles etc to try clear it out to free space and some gee pee for collection additions :blush:

How many for a sun and moon booster box? ;D!!! heh

I’ll be adjusting the rates, but box would be 2000 c/uc. My rates for other bulk and specific cards is better right now. I’m not even the “big reseller” I sort the bulk and then trade what I don’t want to the next person LOL

Well I’m offering neat 10 cents value on RH, and am glad to trade for holos and ex stuff too if you ever cave in :blush:

Ahh fair play :wink: the S+M booster box was a joke for those yt guys ah.Sorry!
I get you, just curious about it all.Popping my feelers out there to see what the craic is.
I wish you luck

Pikachu Magikarp Pretend Poncho Full Art Box

How much bulk for this?

This thread makes me smile. Brings me back to good ol’ Pokegym days.

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The box is 33000 points, and you can use any cards to make up this value from the system above

I pretty much started this because the pokebeach person stopped doing this, so I thought now is my chance

Would you be interested in doing a trade for my PSA 9 Mega Charizard from Generations? If so, how many points?

I would value that at 4500 points, is there anything you were interested in that I have?

I am going to try to save up for the Gold Star (Gold Stars are bae :blush:) or the Magikarp Pikachu Box or the 15th anniversary Pikachu Box. One of those three. lol :blush:

Would you be interested in a Jirachi EX full art PSA 8.5 from Plasma Blast? If so, how many points?

I can offer 3000 points for this card.

Bump! Looking for Arceus and Pichu :blush:


Any chance you have these, or know of someone willing to sell?