Apr 20 - Apr 26, 2014 - Grand Party Promo

**Grand Party Promo


This is one of my favorites. To me, its an affordable trophy card whose illustration saves me from desperately seeking out the TMB phone cards :blush:

Definitely interested to hear some more about the history. I’ve heard that its value near release was blown out of proportion as its tcg logo stamp gave it something in common with the trophy cards. (Makes me feel special for owning a grand party :stuck_out_tongue:)

The actual name of this card is Trainer Certification Card, commonly known as Grand Party because of what’s shown in the illustration.

I understand the Grand Party Trainer as an affordable trophy card too. There may be others who rather see this being a regular promotional card but since the Grand Party was awarded to actual winners of a prize lottery I stick to it. I always wanted to call a copy of those my own and when I finally managed to get one I was thrilled. Still love it til this day :sunglasses:

Love this card to death, I had to get myself a few copies for my collection. :blush:

@pokemontrader – Ugh, I took that old photograph four years ago! You should use my improved version :>

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Any idea how many of these bad boys exist? :blush:

@uniqueusername TARA YOU HAPPY? :stuck_out_tongue: