Anyone want to speculate with me? (CGC Secret)

I think it’s a new case and gem mint grade becoming a 10.

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Welcome to the open market Vault service #8


didnt they just partner with pwcc?

My guess:
A perfect 10 gets a different label color, like a black label for BGS


that would be kind of cool… or a custom art like some of their comic book labels

Agreed with @eeveeteam. The “CGC Gold Label” (Perfect 10).


As much as this would rock (and the “secret” is also for their sports brand CSG which needs help) I worry the secret is not going to be this cool lol Hopefully it’s a drop in bulk price


Hope: custom labeling, change in CGC 10 labels, New overall label design. Have representatives at events like Regionals to authenticate sigs on-site so they can be graded.

Hopefully not: now grading something I don’t care about, business partnership, vault service.

Maybe: opening of a new office not in Florida


All offices outside the US will now grade on site. World domination lol.


they are doing a cgc nft


Yes, imagine the drama

Edit: being more mature, maybe something about their partnership changed during the buyout. It’s a long shot but wouldn’t surprise me

I’m hoping the label changes or the slab changes.

I’m guessing they get rid of half grades and introduce a new label.


I will wager that they will start grading some new card game

Grading graded cards, so you can see if the slab of your psa10 lillie is really gem mint worthy.

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It might have to do with their pop report or training on new machines or encasing/encapsulation.

I just noticed Gemrate’s twitter says 0 cards graded in the past few business days.

it could also be them announcing that wisewailmer recently opened a cgc account. That was definitely big news to me


I went and took a look at that twitter. I didn’t realize cgc was at the bottom:

Maybe their sports cards haven’t done well, or the pop report is still not functional? Either way it would make sense to roll out a change.

The pop report is definitely still down. They are showing less graded cards than a week ago. I don’t think gemrates numbers will be accurate for a another week or two. Maybe the pop report is being rehauled completely and that’s the secret lol


Psa took a total hammering. Definitely less cards being graded now. Watch this trend continue.

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