Anyone Think Card Purchases Like Investments?

Like I’ve been sitting here for a while, thinking that some people (such as myself) like the cards for the “cool factor” and there are other people (such as myself) who like to find cheap purchases or something to get a nice investment out of it?

The Supporter Full Arts from Boundaries Crossed.
3 VERY popular trainers (Bianca, Cheren, Skyla)
2-3 VERY popular playable cards

I see these cards only skyrocketing in value, such as the FA N (who was $10, now $20-30+) as these are starting at $20ish and these will become WAY more popular as people have their playsets of them… Furthermore I think they are going up because of the people out there who just want a wall of Skylas for instance… This set has 3 more FAs than NV, thus making it more difficult to get them… Does anyone have opinions on this matter, or the “investing” side of cards?

only things i see worth investing are like older booster packs and boxes for now and resell them when the market for them is high.for the new full arts and stuff i do see very very little investment in them since whatever happens at regionals or at battle roads kinda determines the value of them.originally full art N’s were 5-14 then rose up quite abit now since people just want to make their decks all nice which is ok but i really rather just have the same card in non full art form even though its nice and all.i do see cheren skyla and bianca rise but also do remember its what deck wins that makes the card value go high.i see those 3 full arts go down in price for abit then go back to average price but they do get cheaper when the sets get rotated out

You can imo get into a big trap as a collector if you start thinking of cards as investments. You’ll very likely end up with a disjointed collection of cards you think will be worth more someday, but you don’t really like the stuff you have purchased and your collection feels unsatisfying and unfinished. Sure, cards are an investment but unless you’re running a business, I’d say be wary of the business line of thinking.

I agree with the opinions! I guess that the FAs weren’t that good of an example…
But you get the ideas anyways. So I mean the booster packs are a good idea, are E series packs etc are good investments or?

1st edition neo destiny packs are the next thing after 1st edition base set packs imo

You’ve got that right Haze. The desire to pull a 1st ed Charizard will always keep 1st ed packs valuable, the desire to pull a shining Charizard 1st ed will (and has) pulled neo destiny values up. If anyone has the money, financially, I urge you to buy a box.

IMO, the closest that would come as an “investment” material will be the trophy cards and really rare cards such as pre-Raichu. These cards may hold or even increase their value over the years due to rarity and increasing popularity amongst collectors. No guarantee though. It’s a matter of supply and demand. While I collect trophy cards, I don’t really consider them as investment. I collect them because Pokemon cards are a shared interest between me and my kids. Am I hoping that the cards’ value will rise in the future? Definitely! But investment needs more than hope, it also needs careful planning.

Yup Jason they have skyrocketed already those boxes.

Fire red and leaf green packs should be on everyone’s buy list too. Again, Charizard ex has everything to do with the popularity.

another box/booster to invest is aquapolis and also skyridge as well.those things are getting rarer and rarer as well especially skyridge has crystal charizard and aquapolis has crystal lugia.

I’m getting all these tips!
Nice XD

Thanks everyone!
I guess I do the playable stuff for whatever reason.
So will Plasma Gale be $$$ in the future?
Because of Charizard?

Meh it’s really only the old school Charizards which mean anything. The Charizard from Platinum Arceus is worth nothing at all for example…you’d think it would be worth a bit more.

yea same with the supreme victors charizard lv x.not alot of the newer charizards are worth as much as the ones from the older ex’ days and longer

Personally, I think it is a little late to be “investing” in booster boxes/packs unless you really get a good deal and sell it right away for a profit. There is a limit to what people will pay for certain boxes and I think most of them are at their limit. Neo Destiny is close if not at its limit. Keep in mind, there are still tons of boxes/packs put away in storage that will eventually surface. Most of them are not actually rare, just relatively rare. Collect for fun not for money. If you’re coming into Pokemon to make a huge profit, you’re too late.

Well put Raichu. I think there’s room to make a bit of money with the aforementioned packs but the window for insane profits is gone for some items.

I initially thought Plasma Gale would be an expensive set in the future like TRR and TM Vs TA, but now that it looks like the Plasma Pokemon will be appearing in other sets too, I don’t feel that way anymore.

Yeah I collect for fun :blush:

My mentality has always been: Collect for fun, sell for necessity.

I collect for the pride and joy of owning the card but always factor in a “cost of ownership”. If it becomes necessary for me to sell the card at a loss, I take the loss as the cost of owning the card. The cost of having fun with the card while I had it with me.

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