Anyone here play competitive Pokemon?

I haven’t played in a long time, the last game I played it was a Yveltal EX deck and I only played a handful of games, before that it was Fossil lol. I built a deck on Pokemon TCG online to play with some friends. I found this decklist online and I was hoping to get some tips on how to play it. And also why is there Rainbow Energy included when there is only psychic Pokemon? Am I missing something? I would love some advice! Here is the decklist:

Pokemon (16)
2x Drampa-GX (Guardian’s Rising)
1x Eevee (Sun & Moon)
1x Espeon-EX (BREAKpoint)
1x Espeon-GX (Sun & Moon)
2x Garbodor (BREAKpoint)
2x Garbodor (Guardians Rising)
3x Tapu Lele-GX (Guardians Rising)
4x Trubbish (BREAKpoint)

Trainers (32)
1x Brigette
4x Choice Band
2x Field Blower
4x Float Stone
4x Guzma
1x Hala
4x N
3x Po Town
4x Professor Sycamore
1x Rescue Stretcher
4x Ultra Ball

Energy (12)
4x Double Colorless Energy
3x Rainbow Energy
5x Psychic Energy Energy

I don’t think the set matters on the trainers but if it does just let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is a fairly solid deck!
The reason you play rainbow energy is to put damage on your bench so you can use drampa GX’s wonderful beserk attack (80 damage, + 70 if your bench pokemon are damaged)

The idea of the deck is to start off with drampa GX using beserk to do 150 every turn, 180 with choice band. You attack with drampa until your opponent has played enough item cards to make garbador (guardians rising) viable.

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The garbador from breakpoint shuts off any and all abilities of your opponents pokemon, which is incredibly powerful.

Espeon gx has attacks that punish your opponent for piling energies as well as a good GX attack to spread damage around and get some cheeky KO’s

Where espeon ex de evolves your opponents pokemon (this really hurts if they’ve used rare candies to get to a stage two)

Paired with espeon gx you can spread let’s say 50 damage on two low HP basic pokemon that have evolved into GX’s, then devolve them to get two KO’s in one turn (you loose the extra prizes you’d get if they were GX’s however you really stunt their gampleplay)

I personally think the deck may be better off without espeon ex as well as having 2-3 Feild blowers (an item that discards up to two tool cards or stadiums from any pokemon in play. This is useful with garbador who feeds off of discarded items like tools)

Sorry for the Multiple posts.

Edit: whoops somehow missed the Feild blowers already listed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: ignore that

Thanks so much mthursty! I didn’t even think about Drampa’s attack! Your posts were very insightful and a tremendous help! I really appreciate your advice!

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You do need to obtain them in game :confused: which is a little bit of a bummer. If you don’t care for opening real packs, the best thing to do is purchase code cards off of eBay and trading the ingame packs for cards (the trading system is actually amazing)

By far the most expensive thing in standard decks are Tapu Lele’s, I’m not sure how many packs they trade for, but it’s usually around 20.
Usually you can get code cards for 30¢+ each.

I’ve been playing online for a few years and I’ve also purchased plenty of booster boxes and I only have 2 Tapu Lele’s.

You’ll definitely have to try out the game and see if you like it.

Edit: You do win packs by playing in game as well FYI

:relieved: np

@mthursty Yea the Tapu Lele’s were a pain. Cost me 25 Guardians Rising packs each. I have been adding packs and codes to my account for years but never played much. I started just as an easy way to play theme decks with the wife, but now we rarely play. It wasn’t too hard converting some B&W packs to Guardians and then trade off :blush:

Its a well made and maintained game :blush:

Congrats on getting back into it! Any chance of getting into the physical game?

I used to play the TCG and even go to tournaments years ago around the time when Platinum - HGSS sets were released. I kinda miss that but these days I really don’t know much about the most played decks and so on, I only know a few cards here and there that are very playable.

I played a lot on TCGO too but something happened with it over a year ago and I can’t log in with my account even though my password and everything is right and I really don’t want to make a new one. The account works just fine on other Pokemon stuff so I have no idea what is going on there.

Anyway, while I was still playing with TCGO I really enjoyed playing Yveltal EX decks in general. I tried different things but Yveltal was just so good and kinda “easy” to build too. The down side with TCGO is that it’s so difficult to get some of the meta cards so sometimes you have to come with your own solutions but in general it’s a good way to stay up to date with what people play and it’s good practice or just fun.

Should I just try making a new account and get into it again as I miss it to be honest… I have a huge pile of codes around here to use but it’s a shame I wouldn’t have anything I used to have there. We will see

Something similar happened to me, and the problem was fixed by deleting the files and re downloading them. But I would create another account if that doesn’t work, the GX meta is so fun right now. Energy and card acceleration is pretty easy now, so the game can change very quickly, its fantastic!

I’ve done that various times but nothing worked. Yesterday I deleted all the TCGO registry from my pc and everything related to it and I was able to install it again without errors. But when I log in and it starts to load, the game crashes. Every single time. My pc is by far not a gaming pc but it shouldn’t have problems with running TCGO. Well, then I remembered the game has an app too. So I installed the app on my tablet and I played almost all day yesterday :blush: Managed to build myself a Ninetales GX deck as I traded cards for packs. The first games after long time were difficult but I started to get better and got used to it again. It was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely play more now :blush:

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I had a blast playing TCGO and spent a whopping 0$ on codes. Your daily awards for logging in and doing quests should enable you to purchase anything from the store; only caveat is you cannot trade those cards in the marketplace, whereas real codes enable you to do so.

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It depends on how much a tapu lele is lol.

Depends if you like getting new decks! You may need about 60-70 codes (I recommend finding guardians rising codes) just to get trade for all of the tier 1 cards (2 tapu leles, a couple other gx’s, and a bunch of trainers) but after that, your winnings should allow you to open a pack or two a day.

I usually keep one strong deck going for months at a time, adding a few new cards every set release. I also make fun less competitive decks to play if I’m bored, but those are just made of my leftover cards.

Okay so I have played the deck a for a dozen or so matches and first of thanks for the advice mthursty, it helped alot! I have a quick question. Espeon GX, am I missing something here? It seems like such a pin in the behind to have to evolve him from the single Eevee in the deck and his GX attack seems lack luster. For the most part the GX I end up using the most is Tapu Lele, and sometimes Drampa. Wouldn’t a 4th Tapu Lele do a better? What should I add instead of Eevee? Or is cutting it a bad idea?

It’s to use the confusion attack mainly, it delays your opponent if they don’t want to take the risk attacking.

I’m suprised you only run 1 eevee, i think espeon GX is a little too strong. It can take out most stuff with its confusion attack if RNG is on your side. You confuse the opponents main attacker for only 1 energy, if you are lucky you kill it next turn with a DCE, if you miss, you only invested 1 energy. In the long run Espeon nets you a lot of free tempo.

Its a card thats not the best when you are ahead, but super fast and strong if you are behind.

I got one on TCGO by trading 36 Burning Shadows codes lol D: But I guess it was worth it, now I have one and don’t need to worry about it…

The real one though? Normal GX is around $45 and up and you can imagine the FA and Rainbow Rare are even higher