Anyone else playing Pokémon Black/White?

Seriously, how is this any different from the other games? Level grinding sucks hard (at least the story is vaguely interesting and fast moving.

Overall, a very stupid game… I’m only playing it just so I can say I’ve finished it. Of course, I felt the same about the others too!


Oshawott. My only reason was because he’s a badass in the anime.

Heathen :unamused:

I’m enjoying it. Some of the pokemon designs are so amazing and badass, i tried my hardest not to spoil all of them so it’s great seeing what pops up. Exp share and lucky egg are given to you early so level grinding hasn’t been an issue for me.

If i had to name a negative it’s that its trying too hard to be a ‘social’ game. (if that makes sense) And i think cheren/bianca/N are decent rivals after the utter garbage that was wally and silver.

I chose snivy, it makes me lol everytime it’s sprite crosses its arms and taps its foot.

Specifically, 8 badges on White and 6 on Black. I’m loving BW, in my opinion they’re the best Pokemon games ever. :blush:

the game is more like a reboot to the series.already have beaten the game but after the whole storyline is beaten the trainers in the east side you havent explored yet their pokemon at the 60’s and the elite 4 have a whole team of pokemon instead of just 4

Super Mario Galaxy 2? Donkey Kong Returns? (OK Retro made by that by it had a huge amount of direct Nintendo development in it too)

Pokémon has never been challenging, it’s always been about putting hours into to the game and grinding to an extent.

Having BW speed up the process is the only reason I’m still playing it. I have got over the random spike in levels around Pinwheel forest and now am cruising through.

Overall: I still think its a slightly stupid game. It’s definitely collecting cards that has me hooked over what I think is a completely average RPG.

I’m still playing it though, although now I want to switch to HeartGold as I realised I never finished Gold on the Gameboy

(bout a month late responding) I do enjoy GameFreak/Nintendo’s little ways to poke fun at America. You know they are doing it with the select pokemon and if no one caught on- Plasma = PETA. It just makes me giggle inside about I love N… I am like the millionth person to love that skrawny prick, but something about his slightly off personality makes him interesting. I also love the first time around it was harder to strategize against him because he never had the same thing twice.

Also I like how the physical sprites actually move differently in some conversations. N shaking his head, raising his arms. The way your body moves when you use the bike. How the birds wings flap once or twice when you are using HM FLY.

These little things are improvements, but what I’m waiting for is a Pokemon MMORPG. Where is our next Colosseum? Where is our next XD? Stadium wasn’t THAT great and so they remade it with Revolution but didn’t really let you do much. So why did it do well? Wifi.

Enough ranting about pokemon games from me lol…@.@

Omg Plasma = PETA is quite a twisted theory… god don’t mess with those animal activists. They can get properly violent (as a few friends of mine in Oxford labs will tell you).

Who doesn’t love N? Plasma’s nonsense is fun times :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about it. Plasma believes it is wrong to contain animals and use them ‘against their wills’. They should be allowed to be free and not in the confines of a ball a human created. Remember that N was upset with the Dex because it LABELED pokemon. HOW DARE YOU classify a living species without their consent?

Oh N… you’re crazy. Even your music proves it.

That and Plasma looks like the Knights who say Ni XD How CAN you take them seriously?