Anyone else notice a spike in higher end minty card?

I’ve been following several auctions intending to bid and the card would sell significantly higher than almost any other auction of that card. All these cards are raw and usually gradeable. People have been talking about cards leveling off or retracing lately but it seems like some might be raising again, not sure.

Raw mint cards are perfect for gamblers and will often auction well


Based on what’s happening with the graded card prices I’m not surprised people are willing to spend more for the mint raw cards at the moment

Yea but many of these cards are psa 7-8 quality so they don’t pay off unless people just over estimate what the card will be graded as. Unless you mean people wanting minty cards but not wanting to pay graded premium.

I think it’s a combination of both with a little bit of gambling as well


I’m seeing mint looking WOTC cards selling for ~PSA 9 prices which seems pretty ridiculous to me. Almost makes me think I’ll get a better price for some of my PSA 8s by cracking it out and selling it as a raw NM-M card…


This was the MO in may and June for sure. Raw, clean cards with minor defects that would probably grade an 8 were selling for ABOVE psa 9 prices and sometimes very close to psa 10 prices. It definitely made sense to find 8s and crack them

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I’ve noticed the same–thought maybe it was just me. And it’s been a sharp increase, right along with the graded prices. As others have said, a combo of perhaps inexperience grading along with some gambling. As well I think there’s a psychological affect when there’s a card that’s not been graded–esp when competing in an auction for it. You are more likely to diverge north from what you believe a card to be worth if it’s not been graded: “THIS IS AN 8.” You can start thinking, well maybe it could be a 9, others are bidding like it might be, maybe I’ll just go up a little more. It’s like you are allowed to be optimistic when it’s not been graded, and I’ve done it a time or two myself and kicked myself over it. I’ve also wondered if there are maybe loose card or binder collectors, or even newer collectors, that just aren’t as comfortable cracking a card out. And yeah if I was selling, I’d crack the 7s, 8s, maybe even 9s out on some of these cards before selling them, based on what happens in some of these auctions.


I havent noticed any price increases lately, no

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Agree with all of the above.

Seen raw cards labeled M/NM going for PSA 9/8 prices.
It’s crazy as theres a huge waiting time (3-6 months I’ve been told) for PSA submissions.

I sent my raws in to Ludkins early August and they haven’t even got back to me yet with the pregrade. Must be very busy.

I would expect a premium for a PSA card because of this waiting period plus the slight extra cost and hassle of the submission process.
This doesn’t appear to be the case.

Saying that though the prices of both PSA graded and ‘equivalent’ raw cards have certainly gone up.
In 7 weeks I’ve noticed:

PSA 7 Unlimited Charizards were sub £300 now going for £400

PSA 8 Unlimited Charizards were sub £400 now going for £550

PSA 9 Unlimited Charizards were sub £800 now going for over £1000

PSA 9 Unlimited Venusaur were sub £300 now going for £350

PSA 9 Unlimited Blastoise were £350 - £380 now going for just under £500

It seems to be the auctions setting these higher and higher prices more often than not.
Im unsure why, maybe people get caught up in the bidding and just have to have the item no matter the cost.
Plus there are not usually many up for sale at any one time, especially here in the UK so could be supply and demand causing the prices to rise.

Raw PSA 9ish cards selling for more than a PSA 9 used to be a common trend if you go back 1+ years.

As raw prices catch up to what graded prices are today, it makes sense to see this trend appear again.


This has also been true for WOTC sets - 1st Edition especially. Gym Heroes and Team Rocket 1st Edition raw cards have effectively doubled/tripled/quadrupled in price within a few mere months - some outliers selling for about as much as a PSA 8/9 equivalent.


Im doing a little experiment myself and I am listing a couple of super clean raw cards I think could be PSA 9 at close to PSA 9 prices with a best offer option lol I will let you know how that works out not expecting them so sell fast or really at all but we will see.

It makes sense if you think about it, a card that looks to be a 9 could easily slide into a weak 10 provided the back is clean but on the flip side it could also end up an 8 depending not the grader but you know I think people might take the gamble.

Why not price at 9 prices or higher if you have the best offer?

True I just thought having at slightly below what 9s last sold for might be a more enticing click but ill probably try it the way you suggested first and see what kind of results I get