Any suggestions

I am thinking of getting rid of my collection and starting over with only ultra rare japanese trophys and a few other cards I like. Has anybody here ever done this and just started over?

well not to that level but when I joined here in January I had pretty much nothing similar but very different goals

if doing this is what you want to do and will personally make you happy then you should do it but don’t rush into it and maybe go through your collection and think can I let this go

and if you do decide to Offer it to us lot first eh?:wink:

i am going to let my collection go well most of it keeping a couple cards but if anybody here is interested I would like it to go all together I will give pics and a great deal to anyone here don’t want to sell it on eBay I don’t like selling on eBay.

you should post the pic here then yeah I’m sure some people will be interested

Since there is no sale thread anymore I will just pm people pics to anyone interested unless the mods say posting pics is ok let me know mods thank u


If you want to sell your cards put them on ebay. You can add a link in your signature. If you need anymore clarification message any mod and they can help.