how to make my collection better?

I am looking for cards to make my collection better I am looking for ultra rare Japanese and trophy cards. the problem I don’t know where to get them for a good price. I would love a university magepcarp for 500-600 even the nm one. I need some rare cards and will buy or trade for them and also I would appreciate some suggestion on what to look for.
thank you

Having a good collection does not necessarily meaning having trophy cards in it. A good variety of of more “old school” japanese promotional cards is a good place to start. Staples every collection needs such as: Surfing/Flying/Birthday Pickachu Lily Pad mew, Grand Party Promo etc. See the issue with trophy cards is that money is only half of it. Finding them is the other half. The best thing you can do for your collection, as cliche as it sounds is what ever interests you and makes you happy.

Oh and if you wanna scoop up some ultra rares the best thing to do is check eBay or other known sellers like Brian. “Networking” with other collectors helps too.

I know but trophy cards just interest me more that’s all. Because when I wast trying to trade with crazy someone asked why not and he said
“even tho they are good cards they are cards I could just get on ebay if I wanted to”
that rely got to me
And I took your advice that I shold talk to brian and I did and I was intrested in the 3 shining dogs lotery promos and I was wondering if 500 was a good offer?

Yeah I wouldn’t let something like that get to you. Some people are just outright rude. 500 is a decent offer for the lot. Oh if your looking to buy into ultra rare cards around the 500 dollar price range, check out the Japanese 1999 Tropical Wind card or Victory orb mew.

the only thing is it depends what you want to collect yourself.everyones collection is viewed different cause of the collector.yes trophy cards are nice and all but you also got to remember that its finding them and the price value is what will get to it.the lottery shiny dogs are nice but if your willing to pay that much for it thats your decision.if your willing to spend 500 for some super ultra rare cards check out yahoo japan auctions and ebay often for the specific card your looking for.