Any more info on the Tomy Battle Card Stadium sets?

I thought I dreamed these up once, but then @mrtz reminded me of their existence and I’m kind of dying to know more. All I know is that Tomy has been making these interactive battle card/figurine sets since 2008 or so, and the 2014/xy cards are particularly appealing


If only BGS had a remotely functional pop report. Anyone have any more info on these?


I honestly don’t know too much about them myself. I was able to find a set and from the few listings I’ve seen, the cards are almost always in played condition. This is definitely an uncommon find if not outright rare. They are beautiful though. I’m sure there’s some elusive Japanese blog that describes how to play this game.

Sorry I cannot be of any other help!

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Not to go all Zapruder on everyone, but I found a video of the 2014 Battle Card Stadium XY set in action. Facebook warning:

Here’s an Amazon listing for it from back in the day too:

I’ve definitely seen that M. Charizard X listed before. It’s very sparkly and therefore I need it.