Any good card shops to visit - Blaine -> Seattle

Hey everyone

Was just wondering if anyone knows of any good shops to visit basically between the border and the Seattle area.

Am heading down for a few weeks and would love to visit a few shops if there are some.

Obviously, travel is not an issue. My home base is Birch Bay so I dont want to go too much further than Seattle.

Thanks in advance!

I wish I could steer you somewhere but i cant… I just wanted to at least leave a comment cause it sucks not getting any responses on here when you ask a question.

But I would suggest you Google it! If card shops come up, i’d call them and if they dont have what you’re looking for ask them for other places around. If card shops don’t come up, just call some random places in the area and I’m sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction. I hope this helps out! Have a good one.

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Hi-de-ho comics in Santa Monica

Are you serious? That’s 1200+ miles from where he is… He’s asking about places in Washington near Seattle, not freaking California.


Seattle? Are they still open???

If you’re passionate enough about the hobby no distance is too far

Hmmmm … Santa Monica might be a bit far =P. Maybe thats close enough when I hit Disneyland again.

I thought I remember a video that @gemmintpokemon posted saying there was a good shop somewhere in the Downtown Seattle area. Think its where he purchased his 1st Ed. Base Box

He listed the name of the shop in the video. I watched it the other day. Had insane stuff since Wizards was based out of that area.

I know a decent bit of people have gone through their stock and still had luck. I managed 4 Dark Blastoise PSA 10 reverse Holos, 5 9s among other successes in that trip. It’s still worth a shot in my opinion.

Good Luck!

@gemmintpokemon Do you have the address of the shop? When I type in MeelyPops only a Florida location pops up.

I am also not interested in getting 10s as I do not grade. I really just love raw, mint Pokemon cards =)

MeelyPops is a guy who got an amazing payday from hooking me up with the guy with the box. His friend called him, he reached out to me and he made a lot of money with little to no work. I gave him a shout out as a thank you for passing the deal on to me.

The card store we did the deal at was a lucky find. We wanted a safe location & they had a lot of space, etc. It just so happened they had a plethora of Pokemon. Their info is:

Northwest Sportscards:
5510 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Thanks for the address ill be sure to check it out next month!